Aim and Scope

Voyage Journal of Educational Studies (VJES) aims to be the principal medium for the dissemination of research in all aspects of education. The journal will be of primary interest to anyone involved in educational research and will offer many insights to scholars and researchers.
The journal publishes research papers, reviews, and case studies, including but not limited to the following fields:
Education and educational research, curriculum studies, Primary to tertiary education, Classroom Practice, Education Policies & Politics, Teachers & Teachers education, History of education, Higher Education, Sociology of education, Continuing professional development, Educational Leadership, Management and Administration, Educational change and Reform, Human Resource Management, Technology in Education, Open & distance education and learning, Philosophy in education, Multiculture education, Longlife learning, Adult Education, Special Education, Inclusive Education, Technical and vocational education, Educational Psychology, Economic in Education, School violence, Guidance & Counseling, Religious Education, Environmental education,