Exploring the Factors of Anxiety Affecting Students’ Academic performance: A Study of Higher Education Institution of Larkana


  • sumeera MS Scholar at SZABIST Larkana
  • Muhsin Khan MS Scholar at SZABIST Larkana
  • Muhammad Ilyas MS Scholar at SZABIST University, Larkana
  • Paras Abro MS Scholar at SZABIST Larkana
  • Naveed Ahmed Education & Literacy Department Govt. of Sindh, Pakistan




Anxiety, Academic performance, Depression


Anxiety has numerous hindering factors that distract students from achieving satisfactory results in their examinations. The current study aimed to explore the factors of anxiety that influenced students’ grades at the higher education institution of Larkana. Qualitative method of research design, specifically case study to explore its factors and their effects on students’ grades in depth, was utilized. Semi-structured interviews were utilized for gathering data in this study. Students of HEI of Larkana were taken into consideration for population in current study, whereas five to fifteen students who are facing with anxiety problem, some researchers’ friends and also some others, were used as sample for it, through purposive sampling. Data was analyzed to draw out the themes.  Findings of present study revealed that numerous factors of anxiety i.e. distraction, absent mind, declining motivation, feeling of fatigue, feeling of loneliness, feeling of fear or panic lead towards depression, and negatively affect students’ academic achievement. However, the study suggested few strategies through which students can overcome their anxiety. Study recommended that students should keep themselves busy in productive activities, they should think positively about things and keep themselves focused.