To Analyze the Effects of Teacher’s Attitude and Behaviors on the Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students


  • Syed Ayaz Haider PhD Research Scholar, Department of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Hamdard University, Karachi.
  • Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Bahria University, Karachi.
  • Aminullah Headmaster, GGPS, Frontier Colony, Karachi.



Teacher’s attitude, Academic achievement, Effects, Secondary school students.


The purpose of the study was to determine how positive teaching attitudes affected students' academic performance. The behaviors that teachers exhibit in their professional lives are a reflection of their attitudes. Since they consider themselves to be a part of the teaching community, their opinions of other teachers are really a reflection of themselves. Twenty teachers from four private schools in Karachi completed a questionnaire that was used to record their reflections on behavior. The literature reviewed in research papers and books on the subject, which discussed how students pick favorite teachers and how this can affect students' academic performance, served as the primary inspiration for these questions. Thirty items made up the questionnaire, which asked about teachers' fairness, compassion, inspiration, creativity, verbal appreciation, preparedness, sense of humor, confidence, preparedness, sense of belonging, punctuality, positivity, forgiveness, sharing responsibility, sensitivity, and nurturing creativity in their students. Students were asked to fill out a questionnaire with examples of both positive and negative attitudes and behaviors from their secondary school teachers. They were also asked to explain how these examples affected their performance and personality development. The research's most significant findings demonstrated that students' personalities and life outcomes are positively impacted by teachers' positive attitudes. These results lead to a discussion of teachers' roles in lifespan education, which go beyond merely transforming knowledge.

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