Impact of Online Teaching and Learning on Perception, Satisfaction and Learning Outcome During COVID-19


  • Farooq Ahmed Ph. D. Research Scholar, Department of Education, University of Karachi
  • Shagufta Shahzadi Dean Faculty of Education, University of Karachi



Online teaching, Student Online Engagement, Student computer/internet self-efficacy, Student motivation for learning, Student perception and satisfaction, Outcomes, COVID-19, Higher education level


The study was conducted to find the Impact of Online Teaching and Learning (OTAL) during COVID-19. Moreover, the perception, satisfaction and outcome were the major factors of the study. Study consisted of four objectives and four hypotheses. The population of the study comprised of the undergraduate students of the University of the Karachi. The sample consisted of 100 respondents who were randomly selected from the different departments of the University of Karachi. A questionnaire, consisted of 30 items, was developed and used for collecting data with five points likert scale. The questionnaire was filled using interview method. Responses were recorded by the researcher and tabulated for interpretation. The collected data were tabulated, calculated, analyzed, and interpreted in the light of objectives of the study. The findings reveal that though online learning was introduced due to Covid, but it had a positive impact on teaching /learning approaches at universities academia as well as students’ academic growth and development. The study will benefit all concerned stakeholders to improve teaching and develop students’ motivation for online engagement at the higher education level. The implications, limitations, discussion, and recommendations for future research will be incorporated. New themes were discussed, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blended learning approaches to improve the OTAL. Moreover, recording and uploading the lectures would also be beneficial for further use.