A Survey of School Head Teachers' Leadership Performance in Shaheed Benazirabad Division: Theory and Practices


  • Abdul Nabi Gorchani Ph. D scholar, Department of education and Learning Sciences, Iqra University Karachi
  • Shams Hamid Dean, faculty of social sciences, and Director of IMAGINE: Institute of Futures Studies, Iqra University, Karachi
  • Tayyaba Zarif Dean faculty of social sciences, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad




Headteacher, School heads, School leadership, Practices, Continuous professional development


The prime purpose of leadership is to take responsibility and decide on a destination for the institution in the shape of a vision and targets, and next he/she should have a concrete action plan to be at par with the vision by achieving those targets. This study was "a survey of school headteachers' performance in Shaheed Benazirabad Division: Theory and Practice", and was carried out with three research objectives 1) Study the existing leadership theories, 2) Study the current leadership performance practices and, 3) Study the current managerial leadership performance practices of school headteachers' at secondary and higher secondary level in Shaheed Benazirabad Division. A mixed-method approach was used. A sample of 155 head teachers was selected through a simple random sampling technique (61% of the total population). The data collection questionnaire was a self-developed tool on a five-point Likert scale. The validity of the tool was ensured with the feedback of two senior headteachers and a pilot test. The reliability of the questionnaire was ensured by Crombach's Alpha. The results showed that having an understanding of curriculum implementation practices use of material resources and instructional leadership approaches in the school were poorly performed. It is concluded that time-to-time short training sessions may be arranged for the headteachers to better utilize their current knowledge of contemporary theories, use of resources such as financial and material and improved pedagogical practices in their schools and the training manuals should include the latest researches in the school education.