Causes and Remedy of Dyslexic Children in Primary School: An Opinion of Special Educationists


  • Maroof Bin Rauf
  • Saira Bano M.Phil. Scholar, Department of Education, University of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Sajida Parveen Professor, College of Management Science, karachi Institute of Economics and Technology, Sindh
  • Hina Hussain Kazmi CEO, TAF Foundation Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan



Dyslexia, remediation, special educator, Interventions, Inclusion


The aim of this study to identify the causes of reading disability (dyslexia) a learning disorder which is found in some children in primary schools who are suffered with problems of speech sound’s identification and could not decode them properly and due to this deficiency they could not understand the class work and don’t enter in the stream of normal students which becomes an issue for not only other students but teachers also to control the situation. Although it is pertain genetically and runs in families that dyslexic children could not linked properly in reading and language. This study design was qualitative which was conducted through interview with male and female educator who were involved with these special children’s, simple random sample techniques was utilized and male and females educators were interviewed. Over all finding reveals that if educators are trained in making individual education plan (IEP) and having special knowledge of interventions and techniques to provide knowledge to those slow learner they can exhibit fast reading and writing speed. This study will help full for further innovators who are willing to overcome and want to treat such children’s and make them high achievers as normal students.