Need Analysis of Workshops for Effective Teaching among teachers at Secondary School level in Karachi, Pakistan


  • Rabia Abdul Karim AssociateProfessor, Department of Education, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi
  • Salma Niazi Lecturer, Department of English, Jinnah University for Women ,Karachi
  • Farida Saeed Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Jinnah University for Women ,Karachi,



Effective, teaching-learning, workshop, professional development, productivity


Nowadays, teachers’ role is considered as a vital place in the academic success of students because they have a strong impact on helping, shaping, creating, supporting and establishing student’s strengths, goals and facilitating them to explore knowledge. It is essential that the teachers should be equipped to the professional skills and competencies as well as possess required qualities and characteristics that are needed in learning process. Today, teacher has to develop their skills and broaden their approach for teaching through a wide range of creative activities and share various innovative ideas that can be incorporated in teaching to engage students in an effective manner as well as able to apply different strategies to keep students motivated during learning process. For this purpose teacher has to involve in various training sessions especially workshops as they are very helpful for that need. The main objectives of this study is to highlight the importance of workshop for teachers to enhance the abilities of classroom management & implementation for latest techniques,  better understanding of students learning needs and more productivity towards effective teaching process. The method that was used in this study was descriptive method. The population of study was consisted on teachers of private schools in Karachi. Within those 100 teachers from 32 schools were selected as sample for the data collection by using questionnaire. The results revealed the essential importance of workshop at school level as a growing need of effective teaching-learning process among teachers and students. One of the major challenges of countless social and economic issues is low-quality education system. Among all the SDGs, SDG4 mainly highlights to provide high quality education. SDG4 means, striving to have every child receiving high-quality education by 2030.The major hindrance in learning skill is being taught by the teachers, who are not interested in the professional development programs. Teachers training workshops are becoming one of the important sources to cope with continuous changes occurring in teaching-learning process therefore it should be a part of educative setup from school level. In the light of results, recommendations were also presented such as training workshop should be conducted as per need of diverse aspect of teaching skills and practices, feedback is essential need to the fast changing demands of teaching learning process and to develop the mode of participation in it among teachers for advancement at their work places. The students trained and guided by the professionally equipped teachers would be in a better position to put their knowledge and abilities into greater use for economic development and growth of the country.