A Review on `Right to Education` and Related Laws in Pakistan: Elucidate the Status of Elementary Education System in our Country


  • Usman Asghar TIMES Institute Multan, Pakistan
  • Shaukat Hussain Bhatti Assistant Professor-Law, TIMES Institute Multan, Pakistan




Right to Education, Pakistan's Constitution, Related Laws and Articles, Elementary Education System, other similar provisions


This study starts by looking at the laws that support different approaches to edification.  It then talks about how various studies, as well as surveys, have made it clear that edification is correct under the law, as well as, a fundamental fact in Pakistan.  Since the `Right to Education` is of the utmost importance, I have researched various important aspects of RTE by examining previous laws as well as theories to comprehend them.  Discussion of Pakistan's educational system, including the various stages of edification as well as the policymaking process for governing the system.  Explains the idea of a humanoid as well as a legal `Right to Education`.  The theoretical agenda for this edification is based on the findings of the edification status in the territories of Pakistan.  It focuses on edification as a fundamental right enhanced by the Pakistani Constitution and begins by providing an overview and demonstrating the validity of Article 25-A. Establish the State's available Constitutional, Provincial, Regional, and International Laws to promote edification.  Additionally, this chapter explains how those laws are put into practice.  Summarizes the findings of this study and concludes it by identifying problems that arose from studying Pakistani law and the `Right to Education`.  In light of the study's findings, I have also offered suggestions for improving our nation's elementary edification system promotion.