To Analyze the Impact Of Formative Assessment In Fostering The Students Learning Competencies


  • Shameem Khursheed Ph.D. Scholar- Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Shahid Ph.D. Scholar, Sindh Madrastul Islam University



Formative assessment, teacher education, improves teaching, improve learning, educational assessments


The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of formative assessment through classroom teaching and assessment experiences of teachers as well as students' learning outcomes. Education is a vibrant phases. that involves a number of interconnected teaching and learning  The method can be performed without effective assessment, which is a key issue for those and serves as an essential function in teaching methodology. A particular lecturer as one of the most effective teaching strategies and practices likely used formative assessment at some point in history. As the primary characteristic of formative assessment, Socrates known as an early practitioner when preparing college students for the questions that are searched and provoked. Their responses are used to gauge their acquired knowledge and direct the instruction. A system of evaluation rewards cultural learning from teachers and students' interest. Formative assessment is utilized in Intermediate College, this qualitative and quantitative study examined that formative assessment had a positive impact on the students' learning and also teachers can review their teaching performance in the classes on the bases of student feedback. The researcher examined that although there were few weaknesses in some areas due to the lack of awareness, which can be removed by conducting a session with the teachers and students. The overall result of the report about the impact of formative assessments was on quite positive for the learning competencies of students at college.