Exploring the Need of Internship Program for Productive Learning among Students at College Level In Pakistan


  • Anila Professor, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan
  • sabika zaidi Co-operative Lecturer, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Saima Rafiullah Researcher, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan




Internship, Professional development, Economic cohesion


This research study emphasized on the significance of internship as a vital element of productive learning vis-à-vis the perception of students regarding as a tool for professional development in the real-work scenario with practical skills. The main objective of this study is to highlight the importance of internship for students to develop connections between learning into practice i.e. course work and work place as well as to create career prospects and employment opportunities for students. The study also aims to obtain in depth understanding of how internship is supported by various stakeholders. The method that was used in this study was descriptive method. The population of study was consisted of students and teachers of public colleges in Karachi. Those 80 students and 20 teachers from 10 colleges were selected as sample for the data collection by using questionnaire. The data collected by the respondents were studied and analyzed through SPSS; it was found through the results that there is a strong association between academic success and internship program regarding future professional expansion among students and it helps them to hone in on further choices within the concern field. On the other hand due to the lack of internship opportunities they confront various challenges and barriers while progressing towards career path. In the light of results, recommendations were also presented regarding initiation of internship program as an essential part of academic program as well as to overcome the gaps within internship program to acquired maximum benefits and professional skills among students for productive life.

Author Biography

Anila, Professor, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan


Jinnah University for Women