Application of English Textbook for Teaching of Integrated Language Skills Through Classroom Activities: A Survey on English Teachers


  • Rizwan Azam PhD scholar, Department of Teacher Education, University of Karachi
  • Muhammad Asim Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, University of Karachi



Integrated Language Skills, Integrated Classroom Activities, , English Textbook for developing ILS Teaching Practices, Teachers’ Perception about English Textbook, Language Acquisition through Affective Factors


Application of English textbooks for Integrated Language Skills (ILS) development of bi-lingual students remains a challenge for English language teachers through integrated classroom activities in Pakistan. This research measured the opinion of the English teachers of private schools of District Central Karachi about the application of English textbook to develop ILS of bi-lingual students through integrated classroom activities. Literature reported that locally designed English textbooks in Pakistan proved insufficient related to interactive classroom activities for students and as a pedagogical resource for the teachers. A survey was designed bearing 45 items related to 6 variables from diversified dimensions of the research objectives. Five hundred questionnaires were received and fed in SPSS for data analysis and treatment. The findings proved that the current classroom activities based on prescribed English textbooks were not supportive to develop ILS of bi-lingual students. A significant difference in the opinion of male and female was found about application of English textbooks related to classroom activities, experiential learning, reflective thinking skills, teachers’ perception and affective factors in second language acquisition process. Regression model predicted that Second language acquisition was based on classroom activities, experiential learning and teachers’ perception about the application of English textbook. This study recommends that reading skill must be emphasized more in English textbooks with speaking, writing and listening skills for ILS development of bi-lingual students.